This is an ever-updating list of past and future involvements, projects, and sometimes a closer look at the processes behind them.

Web Design, Web Development

From Chicago, With Love

An interactive site celebrating and exploring the creative processes of five female Chicago creatives. Built with HTML, CSS (Tachyons), and Javascript, and employing the use of animation libraries like GSAP and ScrollMagic.

Web Development, Wordpress

Just The Beginning - A Pipeline Organization

Designed and built this Wordpress site for, a non-profit specializing in educational programs for students interested in a career in law.

Web Design, Web Development

Chicago Tool Library x Moon Rise

Designed and built the entirety of this small event landing page with Eventbrite ticketing integration in three days. Employed the use of OOCSS frameworks Tachyons and Basscss to aid in speeding up the development process. Site hosted on Netlify.